Monday, January 9, 2017

Getting to know Kobi


Kobi is our Chocolate Lab. He's been with us for 5 years. With it just being Mark and I left at home and all of our children grown and in their own homes, Kobi is very important in our daily lives and is definitely a huge part of our family. Anyone who has experienced this kind of relationship with a dog before knows the depth of the love and the sheer joy (and frustration) they bring to your home. Kobi is a great dog and with our children grown and moved out before he was even born, he makes us a family of three and provides companionship, entertainment, and lots of snuggles to our lives. He may be the tallest Lab we've ever seen, but he still thinks he's my lap dog. It's my fault, I really wanted an affectionate dog that would snuggle, etc., so from the day we brought him home as a tiny pup I held him on my lap and made sure he was used to close physical contact. Kato, the lab we had before Kobi, was very short and more like the runt of the litter. We went from one extreme to another.