Friday, March 19, 2010

A sketch to share.

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Nancy Lake said...

Happy Tuesday scrapping friends! I'm awake early and unable to go back to sleep due to a very nagging, annoying pain in my upper right side. Yep, I know, sounds like gallbladder issues. It's been going on since the beginning of December and at least 2-3 times it was so bad that I almost had to go to the ER. I did have an ultra sound of the area and my suspicions were confirmed, there is a 2.9 cm stone in my gallbladder. Could I be any more lucky?? Not. Now waiting for a consult with the surgeon and then I'll have to have the gallbladder removed. I am dreading it because my last surgery turned into a nightmare because of massive scar tissue and adhesion's in my abdomen from an appendectomy U had in 1969 at age 8. Hopefully knowing what he's up against this surgeon can avoid the problems from 2 years ago when I lost over 2 1/2 liters of blood during surgery. The terrible part for me was that they didn't replace the blood I lost, and they should have. I was discharged home with a hematocrit of 7 (should be 12)... leaving me without enough red blood cells to get oxygen to all my cells. It was so frightening to not be able to catch my breath. It can actually cause panic attacks in someone who doesn't have panic attacks. Wish me luck.

Lets see... what is new with scrapping? I am finishing up the last layouts in the wedding album I am making for my step daughter. I went a wee bit overboard and there are over 60 pages so far. I am afraid there is no way I can fit them all in one album. I am so anxious to show the pages to everyone. Some of the layouts I think are my best work yet, while others aren't how I wish they were. Since I am so OCD with my scrapbooking and take forever to complete a double layout, this album has been great therapy because it is forcing me to be faster in completing my layouts. I hope to continue to be able to scrap faster and except that not every layout has to be a masterpiece. Stay tuned and soon there will be a lot of wedding album pages to share!

I really love my Cricut Expression! I use it with Design Studio and love being able to customize titles and paper piecings. Items made with the Cricut come out awesome. Again, I can't wait to share!!